Teach Me!


With “Teach me! The students of Nadia Boulanger”, the Boulanger Trio releases its first CD with the label Berlin Classics. The compilation album is dedicated to the trio’s namesake. The musicians present music by Leonard Bernstein, Astor Piazzolla and Jean Françaix as well as Quincy Jones, Aaron Copland and Philip Glass. The works are stylistically very different, but the composers have one thing in common: they were all students of Nadia Boulanger. Boulanger’s unique personality as a teacher and her charismatic use as a source of inspiration for composers from all over the world are the focus of this album.

“This album has appeal.”

“The mixture of rhythm and melancholy, of liveliness and dosed exuberance is managed by Karlahaltenwanger, Birgit Erz and Ilona Kindt like a game of deception, sometimes excited, sometimes relaxed, mostly with a suggestive pile, with a touching tenderness and vulnerability.”

“All interpretations on this 10th CD are top-class and show that the Boulanger Trio, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2021, has lost none of its joy of playing, its curiosity and its simply brilliant playing.”

“All of this is flawlessly played by these excellent musicians with verve, temperament, virtuoso brilliance and elegant musicality. What a pleasure!”

“The brilliant musicians combine intelligence and temperament and, with their exceptionally fragrant, sensitive playing, bring together various styles without owing anything to the individual pieces.”

“Here you can hear a colorful cross-section of a number of styles of the 20th century in refreshingly vital interpretations.”